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Новости разработки #19 / Development News #19


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Отправлено 29 Октябрь 2016 - 15:43

Новости разработки #19 / Development News #19 от 30.09.2016
The trees are alive!
Hey everyone, welcome to this week's development news!

We’ve been working on a new maintenance algorithm for trees.

Forests: they aren’t just a supply of firewood and construction materials at your disposal - they’re living organisms; they need particular weather conditions, and thrive in certain locations.


Just like any living entity, the trees can bloom or wither, or even perish if you so wish.

We’ve made a number of adjustments, including with the models, and will also be adding a number of new options. We are looking forward to presenting you with a new, living forest!


We are also so pleased to let you all know that we've managed to defeat a number of issues that were bugging some of our users:

We found, and fixed, a particular bug that caused some tanning tubs, drying racks, campfires and other similar objects to work incorrectly.

We also fixed an exploit, which allowed the player to log out under a wall and log back in on top of it.

Finally, we’ve stopped grass from growing through your building's floor or above tunnel entrances.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to!

- The team

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